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Autumn Planting

A lot of plants are dying off or back in autumn, but you can plant stuff too! A couple of weeks ago, my girls and I got busy on the balcony, planting some bulbs in pots. We’ve got iris, hyacinth and crocus. I haven’t planted bulbs since I was a kid, and I’m excited for them to come up!

Planting bulbs

Bulbs don’t make for very exciting photos, however, so I’ve decided to take you on a tour of my balcony garden too.

I mainly grow culinary and medicinal herbs up here, but there are a few ornamental ones, like this coleus my neighbour gave me because I asked him the Greek name as I was passing his house! I’ve propagated three baby ones from it too, so we have coleus galore!

Self-seeded four o’clock flower
An azalea I got for my birthday

A lot of the pots contain things we can add to food.

Lemon thyme (spot that freeloading nettle in the background? I’ll eat that too!)

And if you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll have met the flowering basil before.

Basil in flower

There are also plants that I use for tea and skincare.

Lemon balm
Calendula (every morning in my cup of black tea!)

We’re also lucky enough to have an actual garden. One post, I’ll take you on a tour of that too!

I know a lot of folks are gearing up for the winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, but I’m still in Autumn Mode here in Greece. Next week, I’ll be posting about Autumn + the Enchantress before I dive into the winter season. I hope you’ll join me again!

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