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Midwinter + a gift for you

Midwinter. There is such magic and mystery in the word – a connection to people and times past, and an invitation to sink down into the comforting dark. This is a time for rest and rejuvenation, for re-evaluation and sowing the seeds of intention. But modern Western Christmas culture rips that from us in the mad rush and the insistence that we need to buy more, do more, see more, even eat and drink more at this time of the year.

I’m taking it back.

It’s taking time – every year, a little less hassle, a little more space. It takes a lot of organisation, cutting back and saying no. But I’m gaining ground. I’m reclaiming the dark time of the year – the time my ancestors celebrated as Jul (or Yule) – for what it was always meant to be: a time of quiet, turning inward, and being with the ones you love and who love you. I’m not sure anyone has noticed, really, but I’m slowly turning this season from a time of stress and manic energy into one of peace and stillness. Then, the other day, I came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s description of her own mother in Big Magic, and it sounded so familiar.

She smiled sweetly at everyone and always acted like a total cooperator – but then she shaped her own world exactly to her liking while nobody was looking.

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Oh, how I LOVE shaping my own world while no one is looking. It gives me the same feeling I had each time I was pregnant, before anyone could tell and before I had told anyone – like I have this amazing secret inside me that’s almost too precious to put into words. It’s amazing how work on the inside can change your life so completely. From the outside, you can continue doing just what you were doing before. But everything is different.

Midwinter, then, is a time for work on the inside – for reflection and realignment. It’s a time to check in with ourselves, to reassess our direction, and to decide how we want to shape our world. Midwinter, you could say, is a state of mind. It’s a time when a whole hemisphere could experience what cyclical women experience every cycle: the letting go, the cutting back, the slow, powerful, knowing energy of the sleeping earth in winter; the death and rebirth; the end and the beginning.

I like using these short days and long nights to reflect, sink down, rejuvenate … and look ahead. It helps me, personally, to move through a process, and I’ve created something for you – and for myself – around that process.

It’s called Navigate and it’s my Midwinter gift to you. It’s a Workbook that you can download, print and complete to help you define your direction as we enter 2022. Take it, read it, use it. It’s yours – with love.

I hope eartheá’s first offering helps you on your path.

Blessed Solstice and Merry Christmas!

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