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Relinquishing Control

So, it snowed in Athens again! I've been here since the end of 2011, and the first time it snowed 'properly' was last winter. Don't get me wrong, it often snows in Greece ... just not here in Athens. Then, Storm Elpis hit us at the beginning of last week. Where we live, on the western edge of the city, things weren't too bad. Our council salted the main roads and we didn't lose power even for five minutes. But in other parts of the city, the damage was severe. Roads were impassable, trees were down, and some areas had no power for days.

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Christmas (naturally)

I love the Christmas season, but I have to admit the waste and excess makes my stomach churn. I know lots of people feel the same way. Over the past few years, I've been consciously downsizing Christmas for me and my family - cutting back, but keeping all the heart.

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Winter Reads for Adults, Kids and Tweens

This is the perfect season for curling up with a book, and also the perfect season to share your reading wish list with family and friends (just in case they need some gift ideas!) I've compiled a list of my favourite winter reads, for big people and small ones, and my eldest daughter (just turned 12) has supplied her tweenage recommendations. I hope you find some inspiration here and, by all means, share your own winter favourites with me!